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David Duval Bio
BIRTHDATE: 11/09/1971
BIRTHPLACE: Jacksonville,FL

FAMILY: Wife, Susie; Deano, Nick, Shalene, Brayden, Sienna
EDUCATION: Georgia Tech







--- --- 1066
Season Standings (OWGR as of 1/16/2015)

David Duval joins The Golf Channel:

Read all about it here: David Duval on the Golf Channel and read the latest updates from David here.


Full Information from the Official World Golf Ranking site:

David Duval on OWGR


David Duval on Twitter

If you aren't following David on twitter (@david59duval), then you should...


If you still aren't following David on twitter, then read the latest GolfChannel article that will summarize his most recent tweets about this current season. Click here.


Thank you to all of the fans.  We continue to be overwhelmed by the support (even with the re-broadcasts of the Feherty show).  David Duval receives all of the e-mails and requests that are received through this site, and we appreciate your patience in our reply/action to the multitude of requests.

Hopefully you have seen the recent Feherty show on the Golf Channel.  If you missed it then here is the direct link to the Feherty section of the Golf Channel website - FEHERTY.

One of the interview sections with Feherty was the US Open Qualifier in 2009. We are the only site that has photos and videos from that Qualifier event. Click here to see more.


And here is a fun photo of David at the Trick Golf Show in December....





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